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Take your Pilates practice to the next level with online continuing education workshops. Gain the knowledge and skills to enhance your expertise and boost your confidence. 


Pilates Training Online

Pilates YouTube Videos

Free workouts and tips: Mat Pilates, Reformer, Tower, Chair, ARC/ aka spine corrector or barrels, TRX suspension, and more. Get started with my full-body Reformer workout here!

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Virtual Pilates Workshops

Earn continuing education credits for the National Pilates Certification program. Join me in the virtual Pilates studio for workshops on the Pilates apparatus. On-demand workshops on the Reformer Jump Board, Arc/SpineCorrector, Tower/Springboard, and more.

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Level Up Your Pilates Skills

Enhance your Pilates personal & teaching practice with the following free comprehensive online Pilates video resource on YouTube

Reformer Pilates

Break down exercises on the Pilates Reformer to help you create a full-body class flow. This playlist also includes the Pilates jump board, the arc and a side body flow sequence.

Reformer Videos

Reformer Tower Combo Series

Easily transition between Reformer and Tower exercises without needing to convert it into the tower bed. You can utilize the tower springs from either inside the well of the Reformer or the floor sides of the tower if your space allows.

Reformer Tower Combo Videos

Pilates Mixed Apparatus Series

Pilates Mixed Equipment the Mixed Apparatus Series.
This is video a 5 video series where we will explore the classical mat Pilates exercises on the apparatus. Join me as we mix up the order of the Pilates classical mat series on the equipment.

Mixed Apparatus Videos

Exo Chair Pilates

Join me on the Exo Chair by Balanced Body. This playlist will break down exercises on the Pilates chair along with some flowing workouts including a single spring challenge.

Exo Chair Videos

Tower / Springboard

Join me for these flows on the Pilates tower (aka Springboard or the Trapeze Table). We will go through a series using the roll down bar, push through bar and using the tower in combination with the Arc (aka Spine corrector)

Tower Videos

Arc/ Barrel

Mat Pilates Spin Corrector with the Balanced Body Pilates Foam Arc. Also know as the Pilates Barrel, these exercises support the spine as you move the spine in all the planes of motion using the foam Pilates arc!

Arc Videos

The Pilates Mini Comprehensive

Kickstart your Pilates success with step-by-step guidance, hands-on resources, and group accountability check-ins. Move beyond just the Reformer, with the Reformer Tower Combo Unit, and Chair. Create a successful at home studio practice.

With this program, you'll receive the guidance and support you need to overcome self-doubt, connect with a community of like-minded individuals, and gain the tools and knowledge to succeed. Don't let self-doubt hold you back any longer - join our mentorship program and unlock your full potential.


I'm Jessica Roberts

Aka Jessica Ann Pilates a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and Workshop Provider.

After leaving the Real Estate/Finacial world, I started training in Pilates. It didn't happen overnight, I was hit with losing my job and needing to go full-time into teaching Pilates. 

Not exactly the way I expected to start my new career! But with smart decisions and a little hard work, I was able to go full-time in less than a year and was well on my way to making this a lifestyle and career I could love.

Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you find a Pilates career and lifestyle freedom. I’ll show you how to understand the Pilates system as a whole, stay creative while progressing the work, and know how to modify for your clients and your own body. Put your Pilates practice and career to work for you with the mini-comprehensive training and gain more confidence and clarity teaching and practicing Pilates.


"I have just completed the Mat Pilates for Paddleboarding course and it far exceeded my expectations. The program was well organized in such a way that a beginner can expect to feel comfortable starting the program knowing that each section builds upon the previous one."

- Rebecca

"Love Jessica’s classes! She is very easy to follow and uses great cues. Her flow keeps you moving constantly from warmup to cool down! She offers modifications, so her classes work for beginners to advanced students. Jessica is such a happy, positive instructor that’s she keeps you encouraged, even during difficult moves ;) I can’t wait to take her next class!"

- Jaime

"Jessica is very positive, kind, knowledgeable, and proficient. She is also a great teacher and knows how to relate to her students very well. She was a wonderful part of my journey to becoming a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor. She is incredibly qualified to help her students and clients achieve their health, strength, and wellness goals!"

- Donna

Pilates Workouts Online Workshops

Take control of your Pilates future with these comprehensive on-demand courses. Earn 2 CECs for most workshops and 6 CECs for the SUP training with the National Pilates Certification Program. Workshops can be taken any time with lifetime access. Click below for more details and to get started with your virtual workshop. 

The Jump Board Workshop

The jump board is a fun addition to the Reformer. Create simple practical class flows to keep the body moving at the client’s pace, minimizing transition downtime and helping clients discover the benefits of jumping on the Pilates Reformer. Challenge clients with the jump board and see how fast time can fly by, leaving clients wanting more with a fun Pilates class flow!


Spine Corrector/ Arc Training on the Mat, Reformer and Tower

Learn how to move the full body using the arc as a stand alone piece on the mat, and how to use it with the Reformer and Tower. 


Creativity at the Tower/ Springboard Workshop

Unleash your creativity and discover new possibilities at the Springboard.
This exciting workshop is a blend of fitness and Pilates, using the Springboard (also known as the Tower or Half Trapeze) the foam roller, and the Reformer box. .


Anti-Rotational Workshop with Tower & Bosu

Strengthen your core and obliques without rotating the spine. Build stability and strength with the tower/springboard and Bosu. 


Tower/ Springboard Workshop

Create balance in the body using the tower. Easily flow from Supine to standing. We will use handles, legs springs and the push-through bar.


Mat Pilates for Paddleboard Training

Build your foundation and challenge your balance on land with mat Pilates to enhance the quality of your time on the paddleboard. Prep for body for SUP and doing mat Pilates on your board. 


Multi-Apparatus Training

Gain proficiency and confidence in using Pilates apparatus both as standalone pieces and in multi-apparatus sessions. Program your sessions with ease and versatility, providing your clients with a well-rounded and effective experience each session..


Mat Pilates Workouts Online with Props

Build your foundation with mat Pilates. Challenge your Pilates practice, balance, and more. Workout anytime with nine months of Mat Pilates workouts with a variety of props. 


Get actionable Pilates advice delivered to your inbox.

Learning Pilates is a marathon, not a sprint. We’ll guide you to the finish line with bite-sized advice.

You're safe with me. I'll never spam you or sell your contact info.