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The Pilates Mini Comprehensive is designed to fill the gaps left after you've completed teacher training.

This program will be an unforgettable and transformative experience. With guided exercises, sequencing, live discussions, and tailored support, you’ll leave each session aligned and ready to embrace your best Pilates life.

Actually understand how the system works together, making it easy to modify or challenge a client, knowing why as we deepen your understanding using multi-apparatus with the Reformer, Tower, Reformer + Tower Combo, and Chair. Move beyond just the exercises and know you are not alone as you take me along your journey as your Pilates mentor. Join the waitlist below to stay in the loop, and drop a comment if you have any questions

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Reformer + Tower + Chair and More!.

About your host

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Jessica has been helping people find their confidence and live in alignment with their Pilates careers for over 10 years. She combines her years of teaching, leading workshops, and training new instructors to teach Pilates to provide you with a dynamic experience sure to change your life. Jessica's teaching style is fun, enthusiastic, and informative. It is with her great respect for the body and connection to the soul that her students resonate with clarity. Encouraging others to dream big and find their passions.