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The Pilates Anti-Rotational Workshop

Anti-Rotational exercises build stability and strength to prevent rotation. “Preventing rotation” means that your body is able to resist forces acting upon it that may try to rotate or move it in a way and direction that it can’t move safely. Creating stability so we can exercise or move in safer ways. Whether we are walking on ice, playing basketball, skiing or doing other life activities.

Join today and start  creating class flows and private sessions with anti-rotational exercises at the Tower and with the Bosu.

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The Tower Workshop

Are you balancing out the body in all of your classes? In this workshop, we will learn how to utilize the springboard for various body types to strengthen the core and mobilize the spine. Building a strong and mobile foundation to prevent or stop back pain! 

Join me for this Springboard workshop to open up the body, creating balance in our musculature with a focus on assisting clients in discovering lumbopelvic stability and mobility to create a strong core and lessen back pain.


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Pilates Arc Training On-Demand, NPCP CEC Course

In this on-demand Arc training, learn how to use the Pilates Arc (aka Pilates Barrel/ Spine Corrector) on the mat as a stand-alone piece of equipment, along with using it on the Reformer, and Tower for a multi-apparatus workout. Earn CEC's for the NPCP with this course.

Join today, start moving and creating class flows with the Pilates Arc!

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SUP Pilates Training On-Demand, NPCP CEC Course

Paddleboarding requires balance, coordination, and core strength to have a successful day on the water. In this program, you will learn the tools needed to prepare your clients for Paddleboarding by training on land first! Start your client's journey in the studio, on the beach, or at a park to set them up for success for being out on the paddleboard with Mat Pilates and earn some CECs through the process.

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Bundle and Save

Earn up to 12 CEC's when you bundle the above four courses.

In this package you'll get:

The Anti-Rotational Workshop, Balancing Out the Body at the Tower, Arc Training and SUP Pilates training. Click below to get started now.  

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The Mini Comprehensive

Coming Soon - in 2023
Deepen your knowledge of the Pilates system and master your mindset! Gain confidence and clarity in teaching with multi-apparatus. Develop the skills needed to teach with ease and create a successful fun career in Pilates. Drop your comments/ questions below and sign up to stay in the loop on the Pilates Mini Comprehensive release.

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Enhance your Pilates Practice and Earn CEC's

View eligible courses to earn credits for the National Pilates Certification Program above.  

Earn CEC's on Arc Training and SUP Training!

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I really enjoyed learning from you! Thanks for making my classes so much fun to plan last week :)

I took your workshop a couple of weeks ago and I LOVED the material! Thank you so much! I got a lot of positive feedback from members loving it this week as well. 

Loved the workshop! Excited for more in the future.

I loved the workshop and progressions and your cheerful, positive energy. - Laura


Love Jessica’s classes! She is very easy to follow and uses great cues. Her flow keeps you moving constantly from warmup to cool down! She offers modifications, so her classes work for beginners to advanced students. Jessica is such a happy, positive instructor that’s she keeps you encouraged, even during difficult moves ;) I can’t wait to take her next class!


Jessica was my master trainer for my third week of comprehensive Pilates training through CP. She walked into the room like a ray of sunshine! She is very positive, kind, knowledgeable, and proficient. She is also a great teacher and knows how to relate to her students very well. She was a wonderful part of my journey to becoming a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor. She is incredibly qualified to help her students and clients achieve their health, strength, and wellness goals!


I have just completed the Mat Pilates for Paddleboarding course and it far exceeded my expectations. The program was well organized in such a way that a beginner can expect to feel comfortable starting the program knowing that each section builds upon the previous one. You can gain overall strength in the muscles used for paddleboard movements after completing the exercises in this course. Jessica offered excellent cues for each exercise while also keeping the participants informed as to the muscle group being worked. The program is geared toward building core strength in all plains of motion and will definitely help you to succeed in your quest to be successful on your paddleboard.

Beginner Pilates Foundation Series

Start moving your body with Pilates basics for beginners to feel and move better. Join me in as little as 10 minutes a day for the next 6 days! START TODAY: Claim your free series now.