Pilates Training for Paddleboarding


Paddleboarding requires balance, coordination, and core strength to have a successful day on the water. In this program, you will learn the tools needed to prepare your clients for Paddleboarding by training on land first! Start your client's journey in the studio, on the beach or at a park to set them up for success for being out on the paddleboard with Mat Pilates.


SUP Pilates On-Demand Training

This Pilates SUP Training Online Course will assist you whether you are new to paddleboarding, a seasoned pro, or you're looking to teach SUP Pilates classes this summer or while you travel.

Sign up today and get started with this 12-day SUP Pilates Training Program. Each day is 30 minutes, we will continue to progress through movements from the previous day as move from foundations to the more advanced work. Building core strength, balance, and stability to balance out the body. Plus get access to bonus material. 

Pilates Instructors Earn 6 NPCP credits when completing the full course and quiz! 

Train your clients on the mat to enhance the quality of their time on the paddleboard. Progress through movements to set your client's bodies up for success when heading out onto the water for Paddleboarding and taking SUP Pilates classes. 

Start Your SUP Practice on Land to Create Confidence and Success on the Water

Start your Pilates SUP training on the mat. Learn foundational movements to build strength and balance for being out on the water paddleboarding. Practice Pilates moves that you will take out onto the water, creating a Pilates sequence to set your clients up for success when trying Pilates on the SUP. 

Earn 6 CEC's for the NPCP

Are you a Pilates instructor looking to renew your NCPT? Complete this program in full and take the quiz to earn your NPCP continuing education credits. If you want to teach on the Paddle Board check your local SUP provider for water safety, anchoring and permits and check local safety requirements for what you need on the board. If you have any questions message me here.  

SUP Pilates Training on

Land and Water

  • Build a foundation, basic core strength, and balance skills as you begin the course
  • Enhance the foundational work and challenge balance as you progress through the program
  • Advance and challenge the foundational work, building into class flows that you can take onto the water for teaching SUP Pilates classes
  • Learn exercises to begin your SUP Pilates practice with confidence, improved core strength, and balance before challenging the work on the water
  • This course is perfect for personal practice, Pilates Enthusiasts and Pilates Instructors who are looking to teach on the beach and SUP, plus earn 6 CEC's
  • 100% online Pilates SUP Training
  • Have questions contact us today

Pilates for Paddleboarding

SUP Pilates TRAINING Online

Start your Pilates SUP practice virtually, in the studio, at the beach, or at a park to enhance the quality of time on the paddleboard.

Create balance in the body by building a foundation of core strength, stability, and balance! Start this 12-day program today learn to teach Pilates on the beach and on the Paddleboard taking your practice outside this summer! 

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I have just completed the Mat Pilates for Paddleboarding course and it far exceeded my expectations. The program was well organized in such a way that a beginner can expect to feel comfortable starting the program knowing that each section builds upon the previous one.

You can gain overall strength in the muscles used for paddleboard movements after completing the exercises in this course. Jessica offered excellent cues for each exercise while also keeping the participants informed as to the muscle group being worked.

The program is geared toward building core strength in all plains of motion and will definitely help you to succeed in your quest to be successful on your paddleboard.

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