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Welcome to your virtual Pilates studio, an on-demand resource of Pilates workouts and education on the Mat, Reformer, Tower, Chair, Arc, and more. Enhance your Pilates knowledge on your time, anytime! These resources are perfect for Pilates Instructors, Pilates enthusiasts if you have a Pilates home studio, retail studio. If you are new to Pilates check out the free beginner series. Check out the available resources below to get started today and don't hesitate to send me a message now if you have any questions.

Free Pilates Workout Challenges and Guides

Pilates Original Mat Sequence

Pilates Exercise Sequence from the Original Pilates Matwork Sequence from Return to Life through Contrology by Joseph Pilates. Join me as we break down the exercises in this original mat Pilates series. No equipment needed.

10 Dat Pilates Mini Ball Workout Challenge

Pilates with the Mini Ball! The small ball is an excellent prop for your at-home workouts. The ball is small and doesn't take up much space, you can challenge or modify movements with the Pilates mini ball.

Foam Roller Workouts

Foam roll at home for myofascial release. Join me here at Pilates Workouts Online for tips and workouts using the Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller. Pilates Workouts Thoracic Spine Release Rolling out your Lats Leg and Glute Release

Magic Circle Flows

The Pilates Ring at Home Fitness! Magic Circle Pilates Ring for Full-body Workouts that you can do at Home! Join me for a mat Pilates class flow using the Pilates magic circle, if you don't have a Pilates ring grab a pillow.

Reformer Pilates

Do you love the Reformer? Join me on the Pilates Reformer as we break down exercises to help you create a full-body class flow. This playlist also includes the pilates jumpboard, how to use the arc with the Reformer and 

Exo Chair Workouts

Join me for a series of workouts on the Exo Chair by Balanced Body. This series will flow through exercises on the chair to challenge your Pilates Workouts. We will break down exercises on the Pilates chair along with some flowing workouts including a single spring challenge.

Pilates Arc Workout - Pilates Spine Corrector

Mat Pilates Spin Corrector Core Workout using the Balanced Body Pilates Arc. Pilates Barrel exercises at home to support the spine as you work your core in all the planes of motion using the foam Pilates arc!

Pilates for Ski Training on the Mat and TRX

Discover how Pilates can improve your ski season! Create balance within your body in this series using the mat with props and the TRX suspension trainer. Develop whole-body strength, mobility, and flexibility for the winter season. 

Pilates Beginners Series

Free Pilates for Beginners Video Series. Start confidently showing up as your best self. Move and feel better with Pilates at home.

Pre-SUP Workout

Warm-up the body with this full-body "Pre-SUP" Pilates flow to mobilize the full body before you paddleboard. Do this workout at home or on the beach.

Pilates Tower Roll Down Bar

Learn how to use the roll-down bar for a full-body flow with minimal adjustments to the equipment. Let's move the full body with the roll down bar at the tower or springboard. 

Mini Ball Workout

Use the small ball like it's the Pilates Arc for a quick workout. Join me for this full-body mini ball flow with this free small ball workout guide. 

On-Demand Programs & NPCP CEC Courses

The Pilates Mini Comprehensive - Coming Soon

Deepen your knowledge of the Pilates system and master your mindset! Gain confidence and clarity in teaching multi-apparatus flows. Develop the skills needed to teach with ease and create a successful fun career in Pilates. Have questions leave them in the text box. We will keep you in the loop as we release more info on the Mini Comprehensive.


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I have just completed the Mat Pilates for Paddleboarding course and it far exceeded my expectations. The program was well organized in such a way that a beginner can expect to feel comfortable starting the program knowing that each section builds upon the previous one. You can gain overall strength in the muscles used for paddleboard movements after completing the exercises in this course. Jessica offered excellent cues for each exercise while also keeping the participants informed as to the muscle group being worked. The program is geared toward building core strength in all plains of motion and will definitely help you to succeed in your quest to be successful on your paddleboard.


Jessica helped me to overcome my confidence issues by giving a really helpful cueing tool. When I first started teacher training, I was always concerned I would get up in front of a class and I wouldn’t know what to say or how to say it. Then Jessica taught us the cueing tip to look at the different parts of the body as bullet points. This completely changed my confidence in teaching - it was my “Ah-ha!” moment during the teacher training! From that point on I felt more confident teaching a class because if I was ever at a loss for words I could scan the body and just cue the correct positioning! It seems simple but it’s so effective and I use it to this day!


Love Jessica’s classes! She is very easy to follow and uses great cues. Her flow keeps you moving constantly from warmup to cool down! She offers modifications, so her classes work for beginners to advanced students. Jessica is such a happy, positive instructor that’s she keeps you encouraged, even during difficult moves ;) I can’t wait to take her next class!


Jessica was my master trainer for my third week of comprehensive Pilates training through CP. She walked into the room like a ray of sunshine! She is very positive, kind, knowledgeable, and proficient. She is also a great teacher and knows how to relate to her students very well. She was a wonderful part of my journey to becoming a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor. She is incredibly qualified to help her students and clients achieve their health, strength, and wellness goals!


Jessica is an amazing instructor! She gives modifications and can anticipate corrections that will be needed. Great Class!


Love all of Jess’ classes! Always feel amazing after!


Knowledgeable and fun! I came away feeling challenged and successful.

I took your workshop a couple of weeks ago and I LOVED the material! Thank you so much! I got a lot of positive feedback from members loving it this week as well.

I really enjoyed learning from you! Thanks for making my classes so much fun to plan last week :)

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