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Each month you'll receive 8 new customized workouts that will take you through a full-body at-home functional Mat Pilates routine using props. Contemporary style Pilates flows incorporating props like the magic circle and kettlebells.

Virtual on-demand Pilates fitness so you can workout on your time. Download the App to do Pilates on the go. 

In each workout you'll learn proper form/set-up, cueing, and movement patterns to set you up for success. Get started with your first 8 customized Mat Pilates workouts and take control of your movement routine.

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Move with Confidence and Feel Better in Your Body with Pilates Fitness. 

As a society, we spend a lot of our day sitting and moving forward with our bodies. This can lead to discomfort and aches and pains. By creating a functional fitness movement routine we will build strength, balance, and mobility in your body. Move-in ways to open up the front of our bodies while strengthening our back through full-body functional fitness flows. 

Balance out your body with Pilates, move through all the planes of motion with full-body movement routines that you can do anywhere. Use a variety of props: Small Ball, Magic Circle, Booty Band, Hand Weights, Kettlebell, Thera Band, Foam Roller.


What's Inside Your Monthly 

Pilates Workouts Online Membership?


On-Demand Mat Pilates Workouts

Variety of Pilates Flows with Props

New Customized Workouts Monthly 

4 (30) Minute Workouts

4 (45) Minute WorkoutS


Free App to Access the Workouts

Workout using the Mobile  App or Site 

Foam Roller Flow

Thera Band Mobility Flow 

Mini Ball Barre Workout

Hand Weights Strength and Balance Workout

Magic Circle Cardio Flow

Booty Band Glutes & Obliques Workout

HIIT Workout

Kettlebell Workout



Monthly Membership


8 New Customized Workouts Added Monthly for up to 12 Months

billed monthly for 12 months, or by canceling prior to last month. 

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6 Month Membership

$98/6 Months

8 New Customized Workouts Added Monthly for 6 Months

billed one time for access to 6 months, does not renew, access expires.

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Annual Membership


12 Months of 8 New Customized Workouts Added Each Month

billed one time to access all 12 months, does not renew, forever access. 

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"Love Jessica’s classes! She is very easy to follow and uses great cues. Her flow keeps you moving constantly from warmup to cool down! She offers modifications, so her classes work for beginners to advanced students. Jessica is such a happy, positive instructor that’s she keeps you encouraged, even during difficult moves ;) I can’t wait to take her next class!"


Knowledgeable and fun! I came away feeling challenged and successful. Love the variety!


Jessica is an amazing instructor! She gives modifications and can anticipate corrections that will be needed. Great Class!


Love all of Jess’ classes! Always feel amazing after 😊


Great class. Loved all the movers with the magic circle.

Jessica Ann Pilates

Jessica is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) and CEC workshop provider. Comprehensively trained through Balanced Body and a master trainer for Club Pilates. Jessica offers Pilates fitness training, workshops, and teacher training in-person and virtually here at

In 2012 she enrolled in a Pilates teacher training program and transitioned from a career in the real estate world to one in health and fitness. 

She is constantly pushing herself and her students to reach goals and success in not only training but in all classes and avenues of their individual journeys. Jessica's teaching style is fun, enthusiastic, and informative. It is with her great respect for the body and connection to the soul that her students resonate with clarity. Encouraging others to dream big and find their passions. 

Stay Social with Me on Instagram at JessicaAnnPilates YouTube and join the Pilates Workouts Online FaceBook Community.

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